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Do you drink a lot of water?  I really needed to increase my water intake, but I always struggle as I dislike the taste.  So when Stur offered to send us their all natural water enhancers, I was really keen to give them a go.

Stur is a family run company that was set up to help the wife drink more water during her pregnancy.  The water enhancers are made using real fruit and stevia extracts.

We were sent a pack which included these six flavours;

  • Boldly Blackcurrant Apple
  • Purely Pomegranate Cranberry
  • Orange Mango
  • Real Brewed Tea and Lemon
  • Real Brewed Tea and Peach
  • Goodness Green Apple


The company advises a one second squirt into each 8oz of water.  This obviously varies according to personal taste.  I think I used a little more than that to have a slightly strong taste.

On first impressions, I thought I that I probably wouldn’t like the taste of the tea flavoured ones.  Despite being a complete tea monster, I usually dislike anything other than a milky English cuppa.  Baby and I decided to have a tasting session.  They are safe for children to drink, but not recommended in great quantities, due to their high vitamin content.

The Verdict?  We loved all of them, I surprised myself as I actually liked the tea ones too!  I gave Baby little sips and she lapped them all up.  She normally has boring old water, bless her, so she was thrilled to be involved with this review.

Main benefits for us

  • It is fabulous that there are no calories or sugar in Stur.  Great for dieting.
  • They are made using all natural ingredients.  I try to avoid Aspartame so this is good news for me.
  • Really handy size.  Ideal to pop in your handbag.
  • The added vitamins.  I think most of us could do with some help in the vitamin stakes.



Based on buying the pack of 5, one bottle would cost $3.99 (approx £2.48).  Each bottle is concentrated enough to make 20 x 8oz drinks, which means each drink is 12p.  I think this is very reasonable and it is certainly less than buying canned drinks of the equivalent size.

I really enjoyed reviewing Stur water enhancers and I would definitively recommend them to anyone looking to drink more water or replace their fizzy drinks.

SturDisclosure: We were sent this pack of water enhancers for an honest review.

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