I’ve always been a wet shave type of chap and I have used the same razor for over 20 years (I have changed the head once or twice) as I don’t seem to get on very well with the 12 bladed, roller ball type razors that seem to have swamped the market.

Like the majority of men, I was introduced to shaving by my dad. Unfortunately, my dad must have had a lot less sensitive skin than me because the disposable razors he used cut my face to ribbons and left me with a nasty shaving rash.

As a result of my tendency to break out every time I try de-fuzz my face, I like the idea of a ‘proper’ shave and the science behind it.

Thomas Clipper

So when Aby asked if I wanted to review the Mark one shaving set from Thomas Clipper, I didn’t hesitate.  As you can see, the set is very stylishly packaged; an impression that is given throughout the website.

The quality of the razor was evident as soon as I opened the box – the razor handle, which is turned from a solid piece of stainless steel, is etched with ‘2015’ and you can add up to four initials of your own. The flannel is made from Turkish organic cotton and they’ve just added to their range with a shaving brush and bowl that are hand carved from a 305 year old British Horse Chestnut tree! (I should point out that they’re not hacking down the oldest trees they can find – it came down naturally in a storm)!

Thomas Clipper

Despite liking the idea, I have never tried the proper shave but, thankfully, there are some tips in the blog section of the Thomas Clipper website about preparation and shaving techniques and it was this advice I followed when using the razor for the first time.

So, having showered, applied the hot flannel and defogged my shaving mirror (as per the handy blog tip), I applied a few drops of the Frankincense scented shave oil and lathered up. I can honestly say I’ve never had a shave like it; the razor felt so smooth I was convinced I’d loaded the blade incorrectly and that nothing was happening!

I shaved “with the grain” only, as per the advice for people with sensitive skin, so my face wasn’t baby’s bum smooth as this doesn’t provide the closest shave. However, I passed inspection and we were ready to head out for the day. Well, almost…

Thomas Clipper

Normally, after shaving, my razor gets a quick rinse and is discarded to dry on its own on the shelf in the shower. This time, however, it felt like I’d be doing a disservice to an item that had been so carefully created; the quality of the razor almost demands that you afford it respect. So I dismantled it and cleaned and dried the components separately before reassembling and replacing in its box.

I can now shave every day – something that would have left me looking like a blotchy tomato before, so our trips out might all be delayed from now on and the people at Thomas Clipper might be getting a strongly worded letter from my wife, but, to be frank, you’ve only got yourselves to blame

Disclosure: We were sent this razor in return for an honest review.

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