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Like all parents of small children, we go through lots of nappies!  Wherever nappies are, germs and a less than pleasant odour are sure to follow.  Tommee Tippee recently sent us a Sangenic Nappy Disposal System.  We have never used a disposal system, all our nappies go straight in the outside bin, especially the smelly ones!

The system was so easy to set up, the refill cassette just pops in the top and your ready to use.  To use push the nappy down until the teeth grip it, then twist the top 360 degrees and the nappy will be sealed.


The tub holds up to 28 nappies size one nappies. I imagine this would reduce considerably for the 5+ ones Baby wears.  It is really simple to empty and change the cassette.

Tommee Tippee state that the “antibacterial film kills 99% of germs on contact and offers unbeatable odour protection” and that it is “100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks.”

I must admit I wasn’t that hopeful about this product’s ability to eliminate odours.  We have all opened the nappy bins in public loos and wish we hadn’t!  So I tested it with a ‘dirty’ nappy one morning.  When I put Baby to bed that night, I couldn’t smell anything at all, which genuinely surprised me.  Even when I opened it to put another in, there was no smell.

I still feel a bit uneasy with ‘dirty’ nappies being left in the house for any length of time, but this is no reflection on the product at all.  It is a fabulous product that we will continue to use.  I think it would be great to take on holiday if you were camping or in a caravan and didn’t have easy access to nappy bins.
It retails at approximately £24.99 and the refills are £14.99 for three or at the moment you can get 6 from Argos for £26.99 (usually £36.99).  If my maths are right (based on buying 3 refills each time), it costs 18p to dispose of one size one nappy.  At that age I think we were going through about 10 a day, so it would be £1.80 per day.
This product exceeded my expectations.  It is something that I didn’t think we needed, but I am surprised by the efficiency that it provides.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

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