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Baby recently got some exciting post.  A lovely new toy!  She was thrilled to receive a Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus to review.  She was a little annoyed that Mummy had to photograph it (lots) before she was even allowed to touch it, but thus is the life of a Blogger’s child.

Tomy Toy
What the website says:

Hop on the Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus and the bunny band will take you on a fun learning journey!

  • Tomy Sing ‘N’ Learn Bunny Bus with 3 adorable bunny characters!
  • Learn about colours, letters and numbers through song!
  • Hop on the bunny bus and go on tour with the bunny band!

What we think:

First, it was testing time, which Baby took very seriously.  Repeatedly seeing if she could turn the bus upside down with the bunnies falling out… she couldn’t!

Tomy toy

She loves carrying to little bunnies around and happily pops them back in the bus.  She is a bit too young to get the maximum benefit out of the educational aspects of the toy, but at least that means the toy will last longer.  I love the bright colours and the electronic voice isn’t as annoying as some we have on other toys (You know the one’s you want to accidentally ‘lose’!).

Value for money:

This toy is £19.99, which I think is pretty average for a toy with an educational aspect such as this.

It is a great toy, that Baby really enjoys playing with, thanks Tomy!


Disclosure:  We were sent this toy in return for an honest review.

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