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I was recently asked by Water-to-Go to try out their new water bottle, which has a built in water filtration system.  I don’t actually like water, but I am really aware that I should drink much more than I do (mainly to combat all the tea I drink!).  We live in a hard water area and straight from the tap it is very cloudy.  So I agreed to review one in the hope it would help me to drink more.

The bottle is compact and so easy to take with you, while you are out and about.  It features a pop out straw and built into the cap is the innovative filtration system.   Which has been proven to filter more than 99.9% of;

  • Metals and Chemicals
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Oocysts- Protazoa
  • Parasites and waterborne pathogens

Here is a little background about the system.

The filter has to be submerged to work, so after filling up your bottle, simply invert the bottle for 15 minutes before drinking. Water-to-Go recommend you change the filter after 3 months.

Water to go

I found it quite handy to have a bottle with me during the day and it did make me drink more water.  I can’t say I love the taste of water now, but it certainly tastes better having been filtered by the bottle.  It would be great to take to festivals or camping and if you drink a lot of bottled water could save you quite a lot of money.

The bottle costs £12.95, which I feel is reasonable especially as the filter lasts such a long time.


Disclosure: We were sent this bottle in return for an honest review.

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