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Baby was recently sent the Hide Inside Pooh toy to review by TOMY.  Lucky Baby!

This toy is a modern take on Russian dolls, which I love.  Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet stack inside one another and they all go inside Winnie the Pooh.  Children can play with all the toys individually or any combination.  Each character has soft felt ears and textured feet, which is great for sensory exploration.  The smallest character is Piglet, which is also a weeble.


Baby loved this toy.  She was fascinated by the fact that they all stacked inside one toy.  They are a great size for small hands and Baby engaged with it straight away.  In fact, the following morning, this toy was the first thing she went over to play with.

This toy is approximately £10.99, which is great value for what is actually four toys!

I would highly recommend this toy, bright colours, fun to play with, different textures, reasonable price, what’s not to love?!  A modern take on an old classic.

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