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Welcome back to ‘The List‘, THE place to share your list posts, with gorgeous co-host Amy from Mr and Mr T Plus Three and I.


Who can link up?  You can link up any post that is a list or that contains a list (by that we mean a couple of bullet points is fine).  Recipes, checklists, todo lists are also fine.  Posts can be old or new, all welcome and you can also link up to 3 posts.


This week I am linking Why you need a blog newsletter and Stress free party planning.   Amy is linking up her Sweet potato brownie recipe and How I got my Britmums Live Sponsorship.



My favourite posts from last week were;



  • How to shop at Ikea – Snowing Indoors.  Em has completely summed up the Ikea buying process in this post. Funny ‘cos it’s true.  Love it!



  • McDonalds I love thee – Mummy Here and There.  This post made me chuckle and the caption comment made me laugh out loud.  I don’t need any encouragement to go to the golden arches!




I will feature these three posts during the coming week on my Facebook page.


My list;



  • Hubby has been working all his non working days (i.e weekend and every other Friday) and Baby has been on her Easter break from nursery, which has meant I have really struggling to get my work done.


  • Baby has started riding her bike (with stabilisers) and is rocking it!  Cute video coming soon.




  • #BlogFixFriday today is all about Instagram and how I grew my followers from 2.3k to 7/6k in around 20 weeks.  I have popped it in a post of its own here.


  • I am now NUMBER 9 in the Tots100 rankings!  I am so thrilled, it has been a dream of mine to get in the top ten and I am so happy I am there (however briefly!).


  • I only recently noticed that I had reached over 3k followers on Pinterest, which for a neglected account is not too bad. I need to focus some time over there.


  • I have started to use IFTT and finding out how it can work for me.





So you know what do to, grab the badge and link up your lists.  We can’t wait to have a read!

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