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We’re so excited to be flying to the Netherlands at the end of January to experience Efteling. What’s Efteling I hear you say? Well, let me tell you. Eeeek, I can’t wait!


I already know that Efteling will be a magical fairytale, having spent hours perusing their site in advance of our trip. Efteling is a theme park, but a theme park with a BIG difference; as Efteling has magic! There’s a wide range of enchanting and thrilling attractions set in the beautiful natural surroundings.


Let’s have a peak!



Fairytale forest 


Step into the largest living picture book, walking in between giants and trolls. You can watch the fakir flying and red shoes dancing, while discovering the enchanted world of the Fairytale Forest.


Dark Ride


An enchanting world of fairies, elves and trolls sounds perfect to me. Unicorns and forest animals come to life and when night falls, cities are float endlessly through the darkness. Then when daylight strikes  the enchanting forest awakens in this indoor dark ride.


Cursed Villa – Spinning House


An actual rotating house! I feel dizzy just thinking about it. The story goes that in the eighteenth century, Buckriders pillaged and set fires across the country. The leader of this pack of thieves, Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen, arrived at the Abbey of Poster after a long journey. Fuelled by greed, there was nowhere else in the world he could ever find peace again. Not even in his own stately home.






Theme park rides


There are so many amazing rides in the park and we can’t wait to try them all! I will obviously share more details with you when we return.











Live events


Personally, I’m really looking forward to watching riders of Raveleijn. Europe’s biggest water show, Aquanura, looks totally amazing too.  All shows are free of charge during a park visit, which is great. There’s also story telling, singing, dramatic performances and illusion to soak up.






Cross Country Ski Track


As if that wasn’t enough you can even go cross country skiing! Ski through the beautiful Dutch landscape with windmills and granaries whizzing past.




Lakeside Wooden Village


When you stay at Efteling, you can choose to stay in the hotel, the apartments or the wooden village, which is situated by the lake. We picked the wooden village, as it works better for our family to have different rooms to sleep in, which isn’t always the case in a hotel. I also love the idea of staying in a lakeside wooden village! What’s not to love!



I can’t wait to fill you in, on what’s sure to be quite an adventure, when we return.


Disclosure: I am sharing our experience in return for our trip to Efteling.

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