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As a blogger I’ve had some incredible experiences. Some have been weird and wonderful, but the most unusual has to be my trip to see the guys at Explore, the adventure travel specialists, last week.


They had got in touch to see if I fancied testing out their amazing software.  Which uses EEG to track emotional reactions to visual stimuli, in order to find out your ideal holiday.



I’m already fed up of the winter cold and am excited to be looking ahead to our potential summer travels, so I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It can be so difficult to figure out where to go on holiday. Explore found that 58% of people in the South East find choosing a destination the most challenging part of booking a holiday. While 61% say it takes more than 2 weeks of their time to plan their trip from start to finish. So, I was really keen to see whether my brain waves could hold the key to my perfect holiday destination.


Their software tracks electroencephalography (EEG), which tracks people’s emotional reactions to visual stimuli. The program then interprets the subsequent electrical activity from the scalp and measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain. The technology can then interpret this neurological activity to decide if the subject is finding something pleasurable.  



So intriguing!


Ashley Toft, Managing Director at Explore;


“We all know that the best holidays are those that include truly extraordinary moments; trips that offer once in a lifetime experiences. But there are so many places to go and things to see, how do you navigate those choices and pick the perfect holiday for you. Even more perplexing, how can you predict it’s going to tick of all of your boxes, particularly if you have never been before? 

Our exciting new software taps into your brain and will, quite literally, make a holiday recommendation based on your emotional reactions. In short, you could say we’ve created the next generation holiday brochure and we can’t wait until consumers try it out.”  



Explore currently have over 500 trips available to more than 120 countries. All of their holidays fall under the ‘adventure’ umbrella, with a number suitable for families. Some being once-in-a-lifetime holidays and adventures to some of world’s most exotic locations, including Peru, India and Botswana.



Explore had set up a demo area in the Oracle in Reading. Once we arrived, I was fitted with a fetching star-wars-esque headset and took a seat to watch some footage of holidays, which had been shot by holiday makers in amazing locations across the world. The software tracked my reactions as I watched the short video and then I was presented with my ideal holiday. Drumroll……..



It’s so weird because if you had asked me what would be my ideal holiday, I wouldn’t have picked a Safari. I would have gone with my top-of-the-list New York, but I do know I would absolutely love going on Safari to see the Elephants. It’s like the technology knew me a little better than I knew myself.


I think this technology is amazing and would totally recommend it to anyone who gets to opportunity to give it a try.


Until 20th February Explore will be offering a range of fantastic offers including:


1.         Enjoy a free extra hotel night worth up to £240 on a selection of trips

Start your holiday relaxed and refreshed with a free extra hotel night (plus transfers) when you book from a selection of our trips by 20th February.

Quote New Year Offer over the phone or type it in the offer box at checkout, to receive your free hotel night.

2.         Enjoy a free single room upgrade, worth up to £820, when you book from a selection of trips

Choose from a selection trips including Japan, Madagascar and Burma and enjoy a free single room upgrade, when you book by 20th February.

Quote New Year Offer over the phone or type it in the offer box at checkout, to receive your free single room upgrade.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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