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On Saturday we headed to the beach, we needed to get outside and soak up the sun.  Mr Hubby had been away in France and needless to say, we had missed him a lot.

We really enjoyed West Wittering the first time we took Baby there, so it got our vote again.  I love the pretty beach huts and the beach itself is lovely and sandy.  Even though it was busy, we had no problem finding a spot.

West wittering 5

Baby has been a bit unsettled recently.  I’m not sure if it is because we have been separated as a family a fair bit recently or teething pain.  Whatever the reason, she decided she didn’t want to let go of her Aunty Jen.  This left Mr Hubby and I on the beach, while she played in the sea with J.

Wittering 1

Wittering 6

Baby spotted a little boy’s yellow bucket and we thought her face was classic, as she noticed it and then took off to try and steal it.

Wittering 7

Wittering 3

Sitting there, basking in the sun for those precious 10 minutes was bliss.  We could see our happy baby playing, but for those few minutes it was just us.  Mr Hubby sitting behind me, holding me up and supporting me, as he always does.  My rock, my support.  Sitting with the sun on our faces, reconnecting, remembering that there was an ‘us‘ before we were a family.  It is easy day to day to just be a family, see to her needs and wants, after all she is the most important thing in both of our lives.  However, we need to remember to make sure our needs are cared for and nurtured, as much as we do hers.   Mummy and Daddy matter too.


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