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Jaime at Oliver’s Madhouse creates a Linky each week for us all to share our Magic Moments.  These moments can be any moment that feels magical to you, however big or small.

Yesterday I took Baby to a pantomime.  It was one activity that I wanted to have as our family tradition.  A theatre company put on a free performance in our local shopping centre, which was ideal as Baby wouldn’t have the patience to watch a whole panto.  So we did a little shopping (and bought The Night Before Christmas book, that you can record a voice onto – perfect for Daddy to do!),  then we gathered by the stage.  The panto was Goldilocks’ Golden Circus, I can’t say I am familiar with it, but Baby was engrossed.

Baby Panto

We only watched for about half an hour as Baby obviously didn’t understand what they were actually saying, but it was so lovely to sit together and have a little moment, in the most bizarre of places, a shopping centre floor.  However strange, it was a moment of magic for us.

Panto Collage

Magic moments

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