Lunch-O-Clock! - Magic Moments #2 - You Baby Me Mummy

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Jaime at Oliver’s Madhouse creates a Linky each week for us all to share our Magic Moments.  These moments can be any moment that feels magical to you, however big or small.

This week has had some really low moments for me.  Days when I seem to have cried more than not.  We have a lot to sort out at home (making room for stock etc), so Mr Hubby took yesterday off.  We cracked on in the morning sorting things and then headed to the fabric shop, via the pub for lunch.  Going out to eat was always a bit of a disaster.  One of us would usually end up not eating or having to walk round the car park,  but yesterday was great.  Baby was still a little challenging in the morning (her newest trick is trying to fight sleep).  This was more bearable as I wasn’t alone, but also we were being productive, so I knew things were getting done.  In the pub Baby had cuddles and when the food arrived she sat in the high chair and we got to eat our food.  She was so happy and was such  good girl.

This was my magic moment.

Baby at lunch

Magic moments

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