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Last weekend we went to Marwell Zoo with Baby.  We have taken her a couple of times before.  However, the last time the weather wasn’t that great and all the animals were asleep.  So we hoped to actually see some animals this time!

We were quite lucky that the sun came out and so did the animals, hooray!  We have annual passes (thanks to Baby’s Aunty) and adore wandering around taking in the sights and the sounds.  It was quite busy, as we expected, but as it is such a big site, this wasn’t a problem.  I loved seeing the Zebra having a snooze in the sun.  Did you know a Giraffe’s tongue is 45 cm long!  It is also black to stop it getting sunburned!  See educational as well as relaxing!  We have a slight meerkat obsession (we long for a baby Oleg…) and so it was cool to see the little dudes running about.  I think Baby wants one……o.k… WE want one.


Baby wanted to try on mummy’s sunglasses.  I think they suit her!

Baby Zoo

I think Flamingos are just stunning.  They look so elegant and they are pink, what more could you wish for!  Baby was very cuddly and has developed a lovely new thing,  she pats Mr Hubby or I, while saying ‘Ahhhh’.  Bless her, it is so cute.


Animal 2

We kept getting Baby out of the pram, so that she could get a good view.  She really enjoyed watching the animals.  Mr Hubby, however, was a little disappointed that the Red Panda was asleep high up in the tree AGAIN!

Baby Zoo

Always time for a little photo shoot with Mummy.

Animals 3

It was lovely to get out as a family.  As Baby and I were away during the previous week, it was a much needed family adventure.  Nothing particularly fancy (for us it’s even free), but there is not much I love more than strolling around in the sun with my little family.

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