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Yesterday the sun was shining and we were adamant that we wanted to make the best of it.  After rifling through our collection of ‘days out’ leaflets, we decided on the Cotswold Wildlife Park, which is about an hour north of where we live.

The first animals we came across were these amazing giant Tortoises.  They were fabulous and seemed almost unreal to me, due to their sheer size.  I could have stayed to watch them for ages.

Cotswold Wildlife ParkOne major difference between this wildlife park and others, is how close you feel to all the animals.  A lot of the enclosures have low electric fences with ditches next to them, which means you can get up close and personal and take photo’s without worrying about trying to see through the fencing.  Next stop was the Meerkats and Camels.  We were so lucky with the timing of our visit, as we saw lots of baby animals.

Cotswold Wildlife ParkWe headed through the trees towards to Giraffe enclosure and got there just as the keeper was feeding them.  They have a brilliant ramped area, so at the top you are head height to the Giraffes.  Baby was so intrigued.  It was so great to see them roaming about in their lovely big paddock.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Next stop Rhino’s!  We were so close and were treated to another little baby.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

We wandered through a wooded area and saw lots of different types of birds and even a Wolverine!  (check out the little black chap on the left hand side), but don’t be fooled by his cute appearance.  Wolverines are ferocious and can kill animals many times their size, yikes!  The children’s farm area was lots of fun and we met an amazing furry pig, plus some rabbits, donkeys, goats and ponies.

Cotswold wildlife ParkWe thought Baby needed to stretch her legs and so we let her lose in the goat petting area.  Walking is very serious work apparently!

6This is the first time Baby has walked by herself on a day out.  It was fabulous and strange all at the same time.

Cotswold Wildlife ParkI watched in amasement, as my little baby waddled around on her new found walking legs.  So many aspects of us as a family will change and evolve, now baby is a little lady.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Onto Madagascar, an enclosed walk through area that housed free range animals and little Lemur babies.  They are clinging onto their mum, adorable!

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Baby loved pottering around and pointing at all the animals.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

I am still getting used to seeing her like this.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

I loved our trip, it is a magical place.  I am not sure if that was due to being so close to the amazing animals, being with my lovely family or seeing Baby toddle round on an outing for the first time.  Regardless, we all had a fabulous day out together and I am sure it is a place we will return to many times.


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