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On Sunday we decided to have a  family outing to the Ufton Court Educational Trust open day.  It was a glorious day and we were keen to explore the beautiful grounds of this manor house, that can be traced back to the Doomsday book.

Ufton Nervet

It was time for Baby’s lunch and so we wandered round, found a stunning grassy valley and settled down.  I have only tried a picnic with Baby once before and it was a nightmare, she just kept running off and trying to join in other people’s picnics.  This time, she sat on the blanket with Mummy and Daddy and ate some lunch.  Bliss!  I won’t say she resisted the temptation to go off and explore completely.  However, for the most part it was so lovely sitting in the sun with my little family, in such stunning surroundings.

Ufton Picnic

Then it was time to go and explore, which pleased Baby!  She requested her reins, she adores her little ladybird backpack.

Ufton 3

For a free event, there was lots on offer.  A climbing wall, story telling, a brass band, craft demonstrations, archery, a puppet show.  For children a little older than Baby, it would have been an incredible day out.

Ufton 4

Baby loved walking about, talking to strangers.  She was captivated by the owls and birds of prey.  The micro pigs were incredibly cute and I must admit I wanted to take one home (annoyingly they were for sale too!).

Ufton 5

The walled garden was filled with various garden games, which proved a great draw.

Ufton 7

Baby had her first solo ice cream, a mini milk.  Bless her she didn’t understand that she had to hold the stick end and kept holding the ice cream and looking confused!  In the end the mini milk had to be binned and she just stole mummy’s pot instead.

Ufton 8

Such a simple day, no great expense, just a low key day with my lovely family.  A day to remember.


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