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I have mentioned before that camping would never be my chosen holiday. However, I do LOVE festivals and the two go hand-in-hand, which causes me a predicament. In order the experience the festivals that I love so much I have to camp…. I decided that if I had a few more luxuries while camping, it might help me enjoy the experience a bit more! The lovely people at Millets offered to send us some camping equipment, which would hopefully do the trick.




Our camping care package included airbeds, table and chairs, camping chairs and a fab little box of essential items, such a body wipes, dry shampoo, energy biscuits and lots more.




We already have a large tent, which has already made the world of difference to how I feel about camping, being able to stand up in the tent is a winner for me. So we headed off to Camp Bestival with our car packed full of lots of lovely goodies.




The care pack that Millets organised was fab. It contained ‘Big Body Wipes’, Muc Off Dry Shower, Steripods to cover toothbrushes, hand wipes, lots of other bits and bobs and even our fussy eater enjoyed the Clif Bar energy cookies.


Having the Eurohike table and chairs in the tent was great, and it meant we gained some some separation and a little more organisation than on previous trips. I loved the Eurohike Delux Moon chairs and carried mine round all weekend. It was so comfortable, Baby enjoyed hers too.


baby chair


The Durarest airbeds are hands-down the best we have tried. They needed minimal refilling and were so comfortable.


My top tips to surviving camping when you hate camping


  • Get a big tent. Being able to stand up in the tent is a game-changer.


  • Ditch the single sleeping bag and get a double each! I really dislike being restricted and not being able to move round when I am asleep; so a double sleeping bag makes camping so much better!


  • Figure out what you dislike about camping and focus on fixing this. For me, it was backache I got from stooping over, a taller tent and that isn’t a problem anymore. You might not be able to totally fix every problem, but you will be able to make much more bearable.


  • Take good food. We all know food makes us happy. So some yummy camping friendly food, will at least have you looking forward to meal times.


  • Stock up on Poundshop toys for kids. Stick them in a plastic tub, then you can bin them before you journey home if they get too dirty.


So thanks to Millets our camping equipment was actually really good and we had a wonderful time.


Do you like camping? If not, what are your camping hang-ups?


Disclosure: We received these products in return for sharing our camping story.

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