When you think of tree houses, you would be forgiven for thinking they’re exclusively in the children’s domain. However, tree houses are becoming so popular and sought after as a holiday venue. I have a dream holiday wish list and while New York is firmly at the top, staying in a treehouse is definitely right up there.


There’s something so magical to me about the prospect of spending the night in one of the world’s best tree house hotels. I actually can’t believe how stunning they are. Nothing at all like something you’d find at the bottom of the garden that’s for sure! Whether they are on a tropical beach or deep in a forest, I wouldn’t say no to visiting any of them.



The first recorded tree houses which were used for relaxation purposes was supposedly during the Roman era. Monks also used to meditate in simple tree houses in the middle ages. Fast-forward to the 1800s and tree houses had become increasingly popular with wealthy English families who built them for their children. Reportedly, even Winston Churchill had a tree house behind his home.


This map shows you exactly where 20 of the best tree houses in the world are and one of the best is in the UK!



The featured tree houses are all built from sustainable materials and are sympathetically built to blend in with their surroundings.


Have you ever stayed in a treehouse? Would it be your idea of a perfect holiday?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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