Our review of the Bristol Novotel

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This year being a blogger has meant that our little family has been away quite a lot, which we will always remain grateful for. Without these opportunities, we certainly couldn’t afford so many wonderful trips on our own.  We were asked by the Novotel if we would like to stay in one of their hotels and quickly I imagined a family day Christmas shopping, exploring Bristol, with the hotel to come back to in the evening.  However, my idea was shattered when we couldn’t get a dog sitter, meaning Mr Hubby would have to stay at home.

It wasn’t long before my amazing friend Amy came to my rescue, inviting Baby and I to her house for the afternoon and dinner; a much better offer than wandering round Bristol alone.

So we went and spent a lovely afternoon together. Baby and Rose played, while Amy and I talked about blogging (of course!). Amy made a wonderful beef stew and dumplings, followed by a divine raspberry roulade. Before Baby and I made our way to the Novotel in the centre of Bristol. I was so relieved that you can simply park under the hotel, so much more convenient than finding a local car park.


Our room was lovely and Baby got to pick whether she wanted to sleep in her own bed or with Mummy and I am so glad the with Mummy option won.





There is something wonderful about cuddling up to my little person in the pitch black that blows my mind. She often strokes my face and sometimes ends up half lying on me, as she can’t seem to get close enough.  When she was asleep I got up and finished some work at the desk, before retiring myself.


I love a hotel room with a tea/coffee making spot and the one in our room was wonderful as it was high up, so Baby couldn’t burn herself.  There was a sizeable fridge too for her milk and morning Actimel.  The room was fabulous and had all we needed, TV, radio and a fair amount of hanging space.


Although I missed Mr Hubby, I loved the little adventure, just me and my girl.


After Baby watched some Paw Patrol in bed and I made use of the shower, we headed down for breakfast.



Baby opted for scrambled eggs and a sausage, while I went for museli.  It was yummy and the lovely waitress asked if Baby would like a hot chocolate and went to make her a special one, which she loved.



There was a wonderful little children’s play/entertainment area in the reception and on the other side there were two desks complete with PCs and printers.



Baby was so grown up, helping Mummy to carry the bags, unfortunately the lightest bag was my macbook! Which was a little nerve wracking.  I just loved spending this time with Baby and giving her a chance to be a little more grown up, which she relished. She waited with me at Reception and there was no running off or being silly. My little superstar.  We had such a lovely stay.

Thanks to the Novotel for inviting us to try their hotel.

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