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My feet hurt (so much!) and my head is spinning.  I am sitting down for the first time today and the mixture of emotions I am experiencing is very weird.  Overwhelming happiness to be reunited with my little family, who I missed more than words can describe, but also there is a feeling sadness.  Sadness that my little BritMums Live experience is over.

On Friday morning I left Baby, for what would be the first time overnight, and headed off to London on the train.  I was going to spend time with people, some of which, I had never met before, but already they were friends.  People outside the blogging world, will probably never understand this, but other bloggers know.  They know what amazingly supportive friendships can be made online and it doesn’t matter if you don’t physically meet, it is just a major bonus if you do.

After a little wobble trying to get the tube and being a little overwhelmed at the prospect of not seeing my Baby, I ended up at Moorgate station and after a slightly odd stalker moment with an overly helpful lady, who couldn’t grasp that I was trying to find Cafe Nero and kept following me trying to direct me to Costa….., I met up with my amazing friend (who I had never actually met) Hannah.  Immediately I felt as if we had known each other for years.

BritMums Live

Onward to All Bar One, where we met up with the amazing Em (who I met at Blog Camp) and her sponsor Niki.  I must admit that living out in the sticks has done me no favours, as I nearly needed Oxygen when I found out my white wine spritzer cost £8.35!  We went to check in at the Montcalm, which is next door to the BritMums venue, The Brewery.

BritMums Live

Then the conference started and in a day and a half; we chatted, we met new bloggers, we spoke to brands, we ate cake, we laughed, we cried (keynote speeches), we got sore feet, we lazed in the sun with the most delicious lunch (Beef and Fregola!), we learned, we networked, we listened, we talked, we drank wine, we drank LOTS of tea, we clapped, but most of all we made friendships, we deepened friendships and we came away inspired.  Inspired, not only by the people who were there to teach us, but more importantly by our peers, our allies, our friends.  Thanks BritMums Live.

BritMums Live

BritMums Live gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and for that I am very grateful.  Here are some (but not all) of the wonderful bloggers I met; Katie, Michelle, Donna, Jaime, Rachel, Kelly, Kiran, Jenny, Kerri, Sarah, Ceri, Annie, Penny and some lovely ladies, who I had met previously Jennie, Debbie and Victoria.

I am linking up with Charly from Podcast Dove for What’s The Story

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and Katie from Mummy Daddy Me for Ordinary Moments.  O.k, so BM’s Live was not ordinary, but some of the things we did were

and when I missed home I was missing the Ordinary Moments, so on those grounds I am linking.

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