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I LOVE toadstools!  So you can imagine my pure delight when Tilly’s Fairy Doors contacted me and offered me offered Baby a toadstool (although they are actually called Mushrooms), complete with Fairy door to review.  Plus a wonderful Fairy door for her bedroom.  Carol and Tony set up Tilly’s Fairy Doors, after seeing the positive effects that fairy doors had on their grand-daughter Matilda.

The psychology behind Fairy doors

As we all know children have vivid imaginations and benefit a great deal from imaginative play.  A recent report has shown that “children who are encouraged to be more creative in imaginative play, go on to have a richer vocabulary, are less impulsive and aggressive and often leaders with their playmates” (Published in the Progressive Pre-School Magazine Issue 11).

Children are often exposed to a great deal of screen time and some of this exposes them to negative aspects of life.  Research shows that children begin to start worrying about things at quite an early age.  Fairy doors are a way that imaginative play can be encouraged and provide children with a way to express their worries.  The Fairies can interact with the children through notes or could leave gifts to reward good behaviour if you wish.

Tilly's Fairy Doors

Benefits of Imaginative Play

  • Develop abstract thinking
  • Improve language skills
  • Build social skills
  • Explore their imagination
  • Learn life skills
  • Build confidence
  • Safely explore the world outside of their imagination.
  • Problem solve

Fairy doors have been proven to help children going through difficult times, such as; the arrival of a new sibling, starting nursery, moving from cot to bed and many more potentially disrupting issues.

The doors come in eight different colours, have gold edges and hinges and a silver hologram fairy.

The Mushroom/Toadstools are perfect for a child’s garden.  They can either be painted or natural wood,  I chose a super spotted painted one.

Although Baby is only approaching 15 months, she is very interested in her fairy door and sits beside the one in her bedroom touching the door.  Her garden isn’t quite finished yet, but I took her to see her Mushroom the other day and she enjoyed sitting beside it and liked to touch the different textures.

Baby is obviously too young to appreciate the psychological aspects of fairy doors, but she will grow up knowing about the fairies and I am sure they will help her through some difficult times in her life.

We love both of the products we were sent and cannot recommend them Tilly’s Fairy Doors highly enough.

Disclaimer:  We were sent a garden mushroom and a fairy door for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my own and are honest.

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