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Noisy Lobsters and Happy Days

Today we decided to head to the beach.  We have taken Baby once before (Baby’s first trip to the seaside) and she really enjoyed it, so as the forecast was favourable off we went.  On a friend’s advice we pitched for Mudeford.  Baby is still not tip top, so we didn’t want to do a really long drive.

First stop was the lovely beach side cafe (The Noisy Lobster , great name!) for tea and cake and then we took a stroll down the beach.  It was such a beautiful day, sunny and not even very cold.  Baby loves being outside and smiled the entire time.  It was so lovely to see her so happy after a difficult week, when she has struggled with illness.  We played near the water, sat on the rocks and did lots of throwing her in the air, which she adores!  I think she is going to be quite the adrenalin junkie.  She is never happier than when she is upside down or flying through the air.  We took LOTS of photo’s!  Mr Hubby doesn’t really get time to practice much, so today seemed like a good opportunity.  Anyway you can’t have enough pictures of your little baby can you.Baby at the beach

Beach Baby Beach baby BEACH 3 Baby at the beach BEACH 6 BEACH 7BEACH 8BEACH 9 BEACH 12 BEACH 13 BEACH 15 BEACH 16 BEACH 17 BEACH 18 BEACH 19 BEACH 22A lovely day with my two favourite people in the world, perfect.

I am linking up with Coombe Hill Country Kids for this post, celebrating getting out in the fresh air with our little ones.

coombe hill country kids

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Showing 10 comments
  • Tammy

    What beautiful pictures! I am glad you had a great day!

  • Coombe Mill - Fiona

    You daughter is gorgeous and what lovely happy photos of you both, your husband took some wonderful snaps. It looks like you chose a lovely sunny winter day for your beach visit, it won’t be long before she’s able to run around and splash in the water. Thanks for linking up and sharing your beach fun with Country Kids.

  • Rose

    Lovely photos and so nice to get out in the winter sun!!!

  • youbabymemummy

    Thank you. She is a great model. I hope to link up again as we love getting out and about x

  • brinabird and son

    Oh gorgeous photos of you and baby and no you can never take enough! Looks like it was a lovely afternoon.

  • mummyconstant

    Great photos. Your baby girl is very cute 🙂 and smiley! x

  • youbabymemummy

    Thank you, we think so 🙂 x

  • seychellesmama

    What a gorgeous bunch of photos!!! Looks like a perfect day! X

  • youbabymemummy

    Thanks we did have a lovely time x

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