Word of the Week #33 - You Baby Me Mummy

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It is time to think about our week and link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence, to share my Word of the Week #WotW

This week my word is


Tomorrow Baby is seventeen months old.  Our little girl is almost a year and a half old.  No longer a baby, but a live-wire who is full of personality.

This month has been quite tough at times, maybe one of the toughest so far in our lives as parents.  Baby’s molars are causing her trouble and it is so horrible to see her in pain.  We have had tantrums too, lots of them, when she doesn’t get her own way (gets to keep the car keys, that sort of thing).

She is trying lots of new words, although they are not all perfect, she says; Duck, Quack, Mama, Dada, Tickle, Dog, Cat, Car, Tea, Tractor, Tortoise, Archie, Ball, but her understanding far surpasses these words.

She rarely walks anywhere, preferring to run, even on the spot.  She will follow her little friend around, just happily trotting behind her, it is very cute.

She doesn’t eat as well as I would like, it can still be a bit hit and miss.  This is an area that I am going to try and improve this coming month.

Her sleep has been very disrupted recently and she has rarely slept through the night (which she was pretty much always doing last month).  We have had up to three wakings a night, which I think is all tooth related.

She loves it when we read to her and really enjoys putting things away and then getting them back out again!  She does like to take things she shouldn’t have.  She is quite the pick pocket and can take my phone out of my pocket without me noticing.  She takes the remote control and wanders off with it behind her back and will think nothing of raiding people’s bags, when we are at toddler groups! Ooops!   Hopefully she will stop that before it gets awkward!

She has a very determined nature and a strong will.  She really does not like to give in, which is fun sometimes….

However, she is bright and funny.  With such a kind, caring nature and the biggest twinkliest smile, that can brighten even the darkest day.


Which word would sum up your week?

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