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It is time for me to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence to share my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week my word is


Our week had a bit of a bleugh start.  Our TV broke a couple of weeks ago, this week our oven and Baby’s pram broke!  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to replace any of them at the moment.  Things always break in groups don’t they?!  I have been increasingly depressed about my weight and have been waiting for a few months for some products from a company that agreed to help.  This week, however, they emailed to say they are pulling blogger trials, which is really upsetting.  Especially as I have waited for them for months.

Then in a change of fortune, on Thursday night the new TOTS100 rankings were released and I have risen to 114!  I know not everyone likes rankings such as this, but for me it is a mark of how well my blog is doing.  I am so pleased and grateful to be this rank, after only one year of blogging.

Friday saw Mr Hubby at home with us.  He had just taken Baby downstairs for a drink, when she climbed on her little foot stool and fell off, face first into the telephone table.  Cue screaming and blood everywhere.  I walked her quickly to the Doctor’s, as it is just round the corner.  The nurse checked her, but advised that we take her to the emergency dentist.  Mr Hubby took over and drove her down there.  There is a big cut behind her front teeth and lots of swelling.  I think one of her front teeth is less straight that it was before, but the Dentist said that none were wobbly.  Bless my little Baby, it was so stressful to see the blood pouring out of her mouth, with her looking so scared.  She is now a little brighter, but still a quite subdued which I think due to the shock.

On a positive note, Mr Hubby is off for four more days now, which makes Baby and I happy!

Which word would sum up your week?

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