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It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and decide on my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week has been a tale of two halves, so the word which sums this up best is;


Baby’s Aunty and Uncle were staying with us over the Easter weekend, so the house was full and we were busy going out everyday.  On Saturday we all went to review Zizzi restaurant and we had such a lovely time.   After opening Baby’s Easter presents on Sunday, we went to visit Blue Reef Aquarium.  I didn’t know if Baby was too young to enjoy it, but she seemed to love it.  She kept staring and pointing at the colourful fish, she seemed quite amazed by it all.  Then, on Monday, we just stayed in the local area and had a lovely pub lunch, followed by trips round a couple of garden centres.  Regardless of what we were doing, we were with family and it was such a fabulous long weekend.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t organised enough over the Easter break to plan ahead and organise things for Baby and I to do, when our guests went home and Mr Hubby went back to work.  So Baby and I have been home alone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We have gone to the park and have run some errands, but to be honest it has been quite boring.  The weather hasn’t made exploring appealing, so we have mainly snuggled at home.

Today sees us start Toddler Sense (no more Baby Sensory! Ahhh when did she become a toddler!).

Then things gets hectic again from Saturday onwards, but more on that soon!

Which word sums up your week?`

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My previous words of the week have been Organised , Overwhelmed,  Blessed,  Active , Cuddles , Play-Date/Illness, Change,

Horrible, Indecision,  Achievement,  Preparation,  Lunch, Change and Shopping

I am also linking with #PoCoLo over at Verily Victoria Vocialises

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