Word of the Week #36 - You Baby Me Mummy

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Us usual I am linking up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence to share my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week my word is


A couple of annoying things have taken too much of my time this week.  I won’t bore you with the details, I will just say Asda and Vodafone grrrr.  Both necessitated making daily calls to get issues resolved.  Quite frustrating and using up time, I feel I am already lacking in.

All week I have felt that I haven’t enough time to achieve all that I want to, which left me with a constant ‘chasing my tail’ feeling.  As usual I have been blogging from Baby’s bedtime, until I fall asleep on the couch.  However, I have been falling asleep earlier, which is very frustrating!

On Thursday Baby and I left for a trip to London to a Bloggers event.  All was going surprising well.  Baby had the car keys and I strapped her into her car seat, I took the keys off her and chucked them on the front seat.  Shut the doors walked round and opened the drivers door…. Only I didn’t open the door, as unbeknown to me she had locked the central locking.  Needless to say, the car keys also had my house keys attached to them, so no chance of popping in for a spare.  I put in an SOS call to Mr Hubby at work and the breakdown people, then waited for the cavalry.  This was the only occasion all week that time went slowly.  As I stood there and Baby became increasingly distress, it dragged.  I became more and more tempted to break the window, but didn’t want to scare her even more.  It was really awful to be so close to your crying baby and not be able to take them in your arms.

Then all of a sudden, it was as if time sped up again.  The breakdown man arrived (driving over the pavement to get to my car quickly) and started trying to break in.  Mr Hubby got back from work and went to try to find the spare.  Just as the mechanic was trying to turn over the key with a long wire, Mr Hubby came out with the spare and Baby’s ordeal was over.  When Baby had experienced a little mummy daddy cuddle time, Baby and I set off for London for a day of rushing to catch trains and cars on time!

Which word would sum up your week?

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