Word of the Week #26

It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and decide on my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week has been a steady week, Mr Hubby has been in France and my sister in law has been keeping me company.  I have ‘Accomplished‘ quite a few things that were on my to do list.

Accomplished Word of the Week #26

You know those annoying things that you find you can’t tick off your list, for whatever reasons.  Well, with a prevailing wind and a little help from my friends, some of them have been ticked off!  The main one was a fence for baby’s garden.  We have dogs and so I want Baby’s side of the garden to be fenced off, so she can enjoy it without any furry interruptions!  Cue my wonderful brother in law who has made us a fence!  Tick!

I have been trying to find Baby some Happyland toys at car boots and sales, but without any luck.  She is ready for slightly older toys and I have heard great reports about these.  It has been driving me mad, as any that are advertised are sold before I can respond.  Then by chance I clicked on my personal Facebook and saw some advertised on a local page, which I promptly bought.  Tick!

Baby had another swimming lesson on Tuesday and continues to be ‘accomplished’!  Next week she moves to the Toddler class.  Tick!

Last Friday Baby decided after playing with her new water table in the garden, that after 15 months, she was no longer petrified of the bath and now LOVES it!  Tick!

This one is a big deal to me.  Yesterday, I travelled to London with Baby on my own.  Now, to some people this would be nothing to shout about.  However, I don’t particularly like train travel on my own and adding Baby into the mix was quite daunting.  Then add the complication of having to get a connecting tube and it nearly put me off.  I decided to put on my big girls pants and we did it and we are all back in one piece.  Tick!

I have also managed to be quite productive and have accomplished a fair bit in terms of blog posts.  I am completely up to date with my sponsored posts and reviews.  Tick!

So which word sums up your week?


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 Word of the Week #26

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54 Thoughts on “Word of the Week #26

  1. it is nice to feel accomplished, takes a certain stress away doesn’t it #pocolo

  2. Ooh, good word and good week! It’s very satisfying when you can see lots of ticks isn’t it and well done on the train trip too :)

  3. Great #WotW, I do love ticking things off my to do list :-)

  4. I think travelling to London is a huge deal. When ever I think about it with the children it fills me with dread. Well done!

  5. having a real sense of accomplishment is one of my favourite things! it’s so satisfying.

  6. what a fabulous word especially great that you feel you have accomplished things this week x welldone x

  7. What a busy week and you have managed to do so much too! Congrats to your accomplishments =) #wotw

  8. I’m loving these posts! My word would be PROUD. Proud that my little blog got shortlisted at the cosmo blog awards and proud that my account at work has been going really well and smashing targets! x

  9. I love the word accomplished! It makes me feel good inside, sadly its not a word I have been able to use this week lol. Lovely pictures :) #WotW

  10. I love the HappyLand stuff. Took me weeks to get hold of a bargain set off eBay as they go so quickly. Glad you got some :-)

  11. Mission ACCOMPLISHED – well in your house, here it’s been more of a slow week but will try and use your word next week. Good work, I’m sure you will be able to relax a little over the weekend now x Ax

  12. I don’t think I could cope with travelling to London on my own with a baby! Well done :) I love feeling accomplished, it’s a great feeling #BinkyLinky

  13. Fab, glad you’ve had a good week. I love the feeling of getting things done! x

  14. Well done on ticking all your boxes. My word would have to be procrastinating!

  15. Our girls love happyland toys. We’ve started taking them swimming once a week to get them used to the water as I’d hate for them to be scared of water. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  16. You’ve chosen a good word and I’m glad you’ve had such a productive week. I’ve been hindered from accomplishing much this week as my teen is at home having finished her GCSEs!

  17. What a week and thanks to you popping on your “big girl” pants I got to meet you. Yeh well done

    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 11, 2014 at 8:48 pm said:

      Sorry I didn’t get to chat, as you may have seen crazy Baby was ‘investigating’ EVERYTHING :) x

  18. What a great word and a great week for you too! Sounds like a very productive week x

  19. Massive HappyLand toys fans in our house .x

  20. There is nothing more edifying than watching out children’s accomplishments, each one outshining the last as they grow. Congrats proud Mummy :-)

  21. What a great week huni! Well done on getting so much ticked off :-) xx #WotW

  22. Oh I am the very opposite of accomplished. Got a crazy to do list and no get up and go whatsoever. My word would be “down”.
    Loving all your ticks. Very inspiring.

  23. You are so brave doing London on your own with baby – I couldn’t do it!

  24. Great word and it’s a great feeling to ‘accompllished’ so many things! I think the going to London on your own is brilliant, I find it so much harder taking that trip on my own!

  25. Brilliant – getting fence etc sorted accomplishing so many things during the week.

  26. Well done on taking a solo trip with a baby, especially by train.
    I try not to travel alone, unless just a short drive away.

  27. A fab word to have. I love weeks like this. I currently have one of those mental to-do lists, and I can feel a surge coming on where I want to tick it all off, too! My pair love their Happyland stuff, and it does last well, so hope Baby enjoys it all. And well done on the travel, too – not easy with a little one. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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