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Most bloggers set up Facebook pages for their blogs and use them to promote posts, share interesting things and to interact with their readers.  Facebook algorithms seem to change all the time and it is often tricky to get a significant percentage of your page fans to actually be shown your posts.  Often it is just a small fraction that see your latest update.  There are ways to improve this, but that is a post for another day.  Today I would like to show you other ways Facebook can help you and your blog and to share some useful groups with you.

10 Facebook Groups to help your blog

Facebook groups can be very beneficial in terms of sharing your posts, but also in developing a community around your blog, forging relationships with bloggers, being made aware of opportunities, helping you solve problems, sharing contacts/information about contacts and even in securing paid work.

There are so many groups for bloggers, but I have picked 10 which I visit most frequently.  Hopefully, there will be one or two new ones for you to join in with.

10 Facebook Groups to Help Your Blog

This page is run by three fab bloggers.  It was created for UK parenting & lifestyle bloggers to share and talk about blog related PR topics and to share opportunities, such a sponsored posts, reviews, guest posts and events.  Please always check with each PR that they are happy for you to share their details on this page, if they are looking for additional bloggers. Within this group please do not promote your blog or posts.  Solely for PR related matters.

This is the Facebook page for Tots100.  The team share their latest blogger opportunities, which can include sponsored posts, reviews and event invitations.

A group for bloggers to help each other. Sharing with comments on each others blogs, Facebook likes and shares, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc. There is a ‘giveaways’ thread to share competitions and giveaways.  Bloggers are welcome to share their own links, which are of interest to the community.

This group is for Sharing UK PR events only.  No conversation or promotion of blogs/posts.  All posts should be a cut and paste of the PR email including an email address to contact. You can then say if you are going to that specific event in the comments.

This is a group for parenting bloggers based in the UK, to talk about all things blogging.  Nothing is a stupid question, no topic out-of-bounds. The only rules are to be nice and don’t spam the wall with blog posts.

This group allows a frequent & open interaction between bloggers & PRs in the UK.  This is a group for bloggers & PRs alike. PRs are free to post their opportunities and collaborations on this page and bloggers are free to share any opportunities they here about. Members cover lots of different areas from fashion, lifestyle & beauty to parenting, travel, food, business, craft and interiors bloggers.

A place where blogger opportunities are shared by bloggers.  You may post give-aways on this page, but you may not advertise your businesses or spam the wall.

This page is the Facebook home of www.uk-bloggers.co.uk.  A group for all UK bloggers (expats most welcome), to share posts, make friends and celebrate being a UK Blogger. All new blog post links can be added to the pinned post. You are asked to keep all conversations within the group and check with PRs before giving their details out.

A group to share blog posts in the specific threads posted, and to add all the latest PR opportunities.  There is lots of fun & chat as well.

This is an online space created especially for bloggers, small business owners or creatives looking to connect, learn and share advice on blogging & creative biz. You can ask questions, share ideas, celebrate milestones and reach out to one another to collaborate.

I hope there are some new groups for you to investigate.  Which are your favourite blog related Facebook groups?



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