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One question I get asked quite a lot is how to pitch to brands.  If you have been blogging a while and want to start making money from your blog then pitching is something you will probably find yourself doing.  Lots of professional bloggers will still have a high percentage on inbound work, but pitching is vital for growing your business and saves you waiting for a specific opportunity to come to you.

How to write a winning pitch

Why pitch

  • You are in control and in theory can approach anyone you wish.  However, approaching a brand that is a good fit for your blog will prove more successful.
  • You can show a company straight away what you can offer them, rather than carrying out their brief, which might mean you can be more creative.

Before you pitch

  • Do your research.  Find out about the company and most importantly the name of the person to pitch to.  Linked in may help you here.
  • Remember what brands want. Quality content; your blog to speak to their demographic; your personality to shine through; you to have an engaged audience, that you have traffic/followers.  Remember 1000 engaged followers are more attractive to a brand than 5000 that aren’t!
  • Run your idea past a friend.  I always use my blogging buddies as a sounding board.  They might suggest something you haven’t though of.
  • Plan out what you are offering and what you would like in return.  Be fair but don’t under sell yourself.
  • Find the post which represent you best with regards to this pitch.  Are you pitching to a holiday company?  If so maybe you have blogged creatively about a previous family holiday? Or reviewed a day out? These will both show the brand what you can do for them.
  • Tidy up your blog – Is there anything they needs to be addressed on your blog? Have you got a good ‘About Me’ page? Is your sidebar up to date? Do all your social media icons work? There is no point in getting them through the front door with the pitch, to find your cupboard doors are hanging off.  If you were selling a house you would be sure to tidy up before someone came to view it.

Your pitch

  • Keep it short.  No-one wants, or needs, you life story. Everyone is busy so just get to the point.
  • Be genuine and not afraid to show your personality. Stand out from the crowd.
  • You can take the lead as you are the pitcher, so say what you want and what they can expect.
  • Be open to negotiation, but don’t agree to do something that won’t work for you.

Structuring your pitch

  • Clear subject line. Make sure the brand know what to expect from your message.  It should be concise and professional.
  • Introduction.  Give a brief overview of yourself and your blog (the highlights!) and what you want from the brand. Demonstrate why you would be a good fit to work with the brand.
  • Benefits of working with you. This is your chance to sell yourself and your blog.  What sets you apart? What can you offer the brand in return? Think creatively, what can you give in addition to a blog post. Depending on what you are pitching for, create an attractive package that will entice the brand.  You could even use bullet points here to list what you are prepared to offer.
  • Describe your audience. Give an overview of your readers. Who is your typical reader – a 20-50 year old female for example. Don’t panic about numbers, engagement is more important for most brands.
  • Demonstrate your ‘good fit’.  Show examples of previous work with other companies. This could be a link to a page on your blog, a couple of links to posts in your email or even a pinterest board showcasing your work with brands.
  • Media Kit. A media kit is handy to send, it is a great visual representation of your brand and can save you time when dealing with lots of PRs and brands.
  • Sign off – Offer them any additional information and finish by stating that you hope to speak to them about the collaboration in the near future.

If you are successful, nurture this relationship and stay in touch with the brand.  Email them the social media coverage and links to the posts you have written.  In short make their life easier and do as much as you can to help.

Have you pitched before to a brand?  What tips would you have?



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