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This week I have the pleasure of hosting #TWTWC as the wonderful Hannah is away on her hen ‘do’!  How exciting! #BecomingTheHardings.

“The rules; link up one post about your week! It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed… basically in any format you wish!  This linky is about capturing memories and I treat it a bit like an online diary.  Please only link up relevant posts.  Also, if you fancy commenting on other people’s posts that would be super too – everyone loves a comment!”


This week for us has been a little tricky at times and Mr Hubby was away for half of the week.  However, my lovely sister-in-law was here instead and I always LOVE seeing her.

Our Week


  1. Sunday – We all (Baby’s Aunty was still with us) went to Cotswold Wildlife Park.  We were so lucky with the weather and Baby made the most of it by doing LOTS of walking.
  2. Monday – What a miserable rainy day.  We planned to potter to the shops, after breakfast out with Aunty J, but Baby was really suffering and got in quite a state.  After I managed to get her to sleep on me in the car, we just went home for a cuddly afternoon.  I officially hate molars! (Pic is Baby blowing a kiss to her Aunty as she was leaving.  Although she was coming back on Wednesday!).
  3. Tuesday – Baby (and us!) had an awful night and she woke up with a streaming cold.  So instead of going swimming, we met our friends K & T at the Baby Gym and the girls had fun playing on on the equipment.  I wasn’t quick enough with the Calpol and we had a little meltdown just before we left.  We just chilled out at home in the afternoon, as it was very gloomy outside.
  4. Wednesday – Hubby was off work, but he was getting ready to go to the Dorset Steam Fair with a friend.  Baby’s aunty arrived, although she had to work (from our spare room) every day, it was nice to have company in the evenings.  Baby and I just went for a play in the park.
  5. Thursday – Hubby left for Dorset at 7.30am and apart from a trip to the local Wildlife lakes/playground, Baby and I did very little.  Baby didn’t want the lunch that was bought for her, but happily munched on the scabby duck bread.  Not a good day in terms of screaming vs quiet time….
  6. Friday – Our plans cancelled, so Baby and I wandered into town to get a few bits for our wedding anniversary.  Why is Mr Hubby soooo hard to buy for?!  Then we wandered round the park and had a play on the playground.  In the afternoon I took Baby out for a ride on her bike.
  7. Saturday – Baby pretended to drink ‘tea’ out of her plant pots while sitting in her little play house, so cute!  Mr Hubby came home!  I was sooo happy to see him.  We pottered to town and he played with Baby in the Park, while I had a quick haircut.  Then we spent the rest of the day catching up with each other and things around the house.

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

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