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Do you have a newsletter for your blog?  Maybe you haven’t got one, but feel as if you should?  Perhaps you aren’t even sure why you should have one, but everyone else seems to be doing it.


My newsletter, has until recently, been very much on the back burner; however I am convinced by the merits of having a newsletter and so I launched mine (with my weekly commitment) a couple of weeks ago.  With so many blogging tasks demanding your time it can be a little daunting to take on yet another regular task.  I want to tell you today why I think a newsletter is a good use of your time.


Why you need a blog newsletter


  • You have complete control over it

You control what you decide to publish on your blog and you control the social media content you send out into the world, but what you can’t control is the networks you send your content out on.  You don’t own Instagram or Facebook (although that would be nice!). You use these networks to drive traffic to your blog, but what if Facebook shuts up shop? You have spent years building up a page which drives significant traffic to your blog and just like that it’s gone. Unlikely, but you don’t own Facebook so you have no control over it.  The same could be possible for any social network, algorithms change and who knows how our content will be shared by these networks in the future.


The good news is you can control your email newsletter. So regardless of what Instagram get up to in the future or how few people  Facebook decides to show your updates to, you will have built a list of invested followers who are waiting to read your content.


  • You are in the inner circle – a personal inbox

Most people use their emails quite a lot and if you are anything like me, your email is pretty much open all day.  Email is a quick, easy and direct method of making sure your message reaches your audience. Most of the time the messages that people have in their inboxes are about things they care about and that is a lovely position to be in.


On social media platforms your message is one of many others by other brands and blogs; so even if someone is interested in your blog, the chances of them seeing your message is small.


  • You can build a stronger relationship with these people

A good relationship with your audience is a very important factor in the growth and success of your blog. People like to feel as if they are part of your journey.  Reaching a persons inbox is a wonderful way to be able to do this and to help to build strong relationships. If you offer exclusive content of some form, or offers, they will feel special and valued (as they should being your tribe). Your audience will also trust you more as you will become a regular fixture in their lives.


  • Cost effective marketing

I used to sell print advertising and believe me that stuff isn’t cheap!  It also has a limited shelf life (in most cases).  A newsletter gets your message out in a really cost effective way.  Most email providers have free options for smaller email lists and you can upgrade as your list grows.


  • Easy to analyse

Your newsletter will give you a great deal of information in relation to analytics.  You will know which of your campaigns gets the most clicks or which email titles leads to a better opening rate. This information will help you tailor your newsletter to make sure you are giving your audience what they want.


  • Email subscribers are more likely to convert to purchasers

When you think about the future of your blog, do you think you will ever have a product to sell?  An ebook, a course, even some lovely printables. If you think that this is a possibility then you definitely need a list, like yesterday.  Even if this idea is so far in the future you haven’t really thought about it, start building your list now.  If someone is subscribing to your blog, they love what you do, believe me I follow far more people on social media than the number I subscribe to.  Why is this relevant? I am SO MUCH more like to buy something from a blog I subscribe to than from one I just follow.  Even if you aren’t planning a ‘product’ to sell, don’t forget about affiliate marketing.  Your recommendations in your newsletter can also earn you money.


  • Easy communication method

Email is such an easy way to share information and you can be more confident that people are going to see your message.  They may not see your Facebook update or notice your tweet, but they probably at least saw your email, hopefully they opened it too!


Do you have an email newsletter?  Which service do you use? I use Mailchimp, but AWeber and GetResponse are also great alternatives.  Have I convinced you to set up your email newsletter?

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