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The real reason why goal setting doesn’t work (and how to fix it!)

Did you know that most people fail when they set goals ? It’s true: 92% of people who set goals never actually succeed. I’m sure you already know that. You’ve tried to create goals and stick to them, but it just doesn’t work, something trips you up time and time again.


Let me guess: you have been trying to smash that goal forEVER.


You’ve…. Tried every trick in the book to stay on track


And… nothing.


What the HECK?


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s NOT your fault. It’s pretty impossible to set goals and achieve them, especially the way you are doing it right now.


Here’s the deal, if you want to make 2019 the year you finally DO achieve your goals, there are a few things you’ve got to avoid. Let’s break it all down.


  • Lacking of motivation to change

How motivated are you by your goal? How much impact will achieving that goal have on your life? People are more motivated when the pleasure and pain they experience in their life is out of balance. So if your unhappy with your weight but the rest of your life is pretty awesome, you might not feel huge motivation to change. It’s when an imbalance occurs that we feel more motivated to change and try to improve the thing causing the pain.



  • Having too many goals

This is such a common issue. We feel as if we can do anything and we can, just not EVERYTHING. The more goals you pile on the less chance you have of succeeding at any of them. We only have finite energy, time and focus and so we quite easily overwhelm ourselves before we even get going. Focusing on one goal at a time will allow you to put everything into it, as a consequence you will be more likely to achieve it. Triage your goals, which is the most urgent? The one which will give you the best return? Put them in order of importance then focus on the top one until it’s done, then move to the next.



  • Analysing to paralysis

Sometimes you don’t know. Sometimes even Google might not be sure. But sometimes you have to act anyway. You have to make a decision (might it be the wrong one? Sure but you have to do it anyway). Don’t become paralysed into inaction by stalling. Trying to make sure you do the right thing at the right time. No-one knows everything, but successful people make their best judgement and leap anyway. There’s so much that failure can teach you, but you’ll never learn if you’re scared to even try.



  • Lacking of commitment to the goal

Is the goal even yours? Are you thinking ‘well it would be nice to write a book’ or it would be your biggest life regret if you’re lying on your death bed and hadn’t written a book. You need to be committed to your goals in order to have enough fire to see you through the journey to achieving them.



  • Being scared of failure and/or success

Our minds are very complex places. You might be scared of failing, so scared in fact that you don’t even try. You can also be scared of succeeding. Sure, you want to succeed, but when you dig deeper often this success can be perceived as scary. What would it mean to your family if your business was a success or if you got the promotion and had to move to a new town or country?  On the surface our goals seem as if purely positive, but what will achieving that goal really mean to you? Is there a scary part in there, a part that makes your subconscious sabotage you. So you don’t have to find out what success could change in your life? Maybe it’s best not to try then. You can never fail or succeed that way. Yes, the middle of the road is the best place to be…….



  • Not understanding the basics of goal-setting

Some people believe as long as they have declare their goal on the 1st January that by the 31st December they should have achieved it. They are confused, however, when this isn’t the case. Well, I wrote it down?! Goal setting involves many steps and if you do it well there are many strategies you can use to make sure you goals and consistently being worked on. Not just remembered as you’re getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party.



  • Fear of what’s next?

What happens if you succeed? If you finish the painting or write the book? You will have to open yourself up to criticism from other people. Maybe it’s best not to finish, that way you can never be criticised. So many people stop and never complete a project simply because they’re worried about the next part of their lives. What happens after you write the book? The potential criticism? The new goal? Pressure to promote the book? Questions about book number 2?



  • Dropping the ball

When you initially set a goal you will be really up for it. You may have written it in pretty colours in a new notebook. You’re feeling G.O.O.D. Nothing is going to stop you this time from achieving this goal. Then you pop the notebook on the shelf and after a cold, suspected chicken pox and 23 kid’s parties you’ve forgotten you even own that notebook. Never-mind the goal conceded within. It becomes distant memory, relegated to the ‘could have been’ pile.



  • Lacking clarity on the bigger picture

Why do you want to write a book? Or speak on stage? Or sell courses? Why does that matter to you? If you know you want to impact the lives of women and writing a book helps you get your message to women all over the world in a cost effective way. Then writing that book is part of your bigger picture. You will be more driven to complete it. It’s part of the jigsaw of your legacy. If you just want to write a book as people told you that you really should, there’s not so much drive there. You will be more likely to achieve your goals if you are being pulled forward by your ‘why’, rather than being pushed forwards by the feeling that you ‘should‘ do it.



  • Feeling unworthy of the end result

Were you told in school that your stories were rubbish? That you didn’t write very well? Or fell foul of another opinion that has haunted you this far in your life? These things can be deep rooted. You might not even know you have these damaging thoughts until you do digging. These thoughts drip in your subconscious over time and make you feel like you’re not worthy of that achievement. Who are you to do that?



Sounds like a LOT? I got your first step. Have you checked out the 2018 Wrap Party ? It’s designed to help you assess your year and create a plan for 2019 which you WILL achieve. You know how I mentioned that blindly setting a goal and hoping for the best doesn’t work. This will help fix that. Guess what? It’s FREE and you can grab your place right here.



goal setting doesn't work


The real reason why goal setting doesn't work (and how to fix it!)

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