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Summer feels like a distant memory, the shops are beginning to stock Christmas gifts and the air is decidedly chillier.


The kids are settled back at school and it’s the perfect time of year to reassess what’s working for your blog and identify the areas which need attention.


If you have spent the summer trying to blog around reduced or zero childcare, you may have experienced a slower summer period. Most people do slow down a little during the summer months, but now it is time to refocus and make things happen within your blog.


The period of time between September and December can be really busy for bloggers with many brands ramping up their efforts to make sure they get maximum benefit from the Christmas sales. So we need to be there ready, to make sure we get a slice of this action.


Are you ready to finish to year with a bang? Focus on your goals and make the last few months of 2016 really count? Read this post and get focused


5 steps to a supercharge your blog


  • Assess your blogs performance so far this year

In order to really make the most of the last few months of the year you need to assess how you are getting on so far. What’s working well for your blog? What are you doing that could be better? Are you still working towards the same goals that you had at the beginning of the year or have you veered off course? Is there anything you are doing that isn’t giving you a good return (in some way) on the time you invest? You only have a certain amount of hours in the day, so reflecting and reassessing will ensure you can get maximum benefit from the work you do in these hours.


  • Set/readjust your goals

The first thing to do is think of what you want to achieve before the end of the year? It could do one big goal or a few slightly smaller ones. You may already have this goal and have been working on it all year and that is brilliant if you do, just make sure it still reflects your current situation and plan for your blog.


Then work backwards from these goals and give yourself smaller goals which will get you closer to the big goals. Remember to be SMART with your goal setting. It’s so easy for bloggers to waste time, then stress about having so much to do. This is why we need goals and focus to stay on track.


  • Create your stepping stones

So you now have your main goals and some smaller mini milestone goals to help you get there, you need to create your stepping stones which help you get from goal to goal. The more detail you can put here the better. If you just put the goal and the date you expect to have completed it you will probably get so close to that date before you actually start focusing on it. So instead put the stages (stepping stones) in your calendar, this will ensure you keep moving towards your goals.


  • Have you got the resources?

Whether it is a financial investment, a particular skill you need to have to get you where you want to go. Now is the time to assess what you need. If you haven’t got the necessary skill or resource to achieve one of your stepping stones, can you outsource this? Fiverr is a wonderful resource for finding people to outsource tasks to and at the pricing is fabulous.


Are you ready? You have your goals and a plan to get there, all you need now if drive and commitment to make things happen.


What are you going to achieve before the end of the year?

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