I love all things photo; capturing memories through photos and also getting an insight into the lives and special memories of others by looking at their photos.  So when I was tagged by the lovely Laura to share my 8 photos of happiness I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I have so many photos that narrowing it down to just eight was a major challenge, but I think I have selected eight that highlight the very best memories and I will try not to feel sad for all the ones I left out!

Oz and I

I have been horsey all my life, starting to ride when I was three.  I bought Oz when he was 5 rising 6 and he could barely trot a circle with his head in the right place!  We went through A LOT of learning together and I suffered quite a few injuries, due to his scaredy cat nature and his size (he was 17.1hh, for non horsery people that is really big!).  Over the years we stuck together and formed an amazing partnership.  Although he was not bred to be a dressage horse, he rose through the ranks and started to compete at Prix St Georges (which is 3 levels below the pinnacle of Dressage, Grand Prix).  Oz suddenly went lame one day and sadly it was the start of extensive lameness issues, which after two years of treatment, could not be resolved. In the end he was in too much pain and he was put to sleep.  He really was my best friend.  Shortly after receiving his initial diagnosis I booked a photo shoot, as I wanted special pictures to remember this awesome horse by, when he was no longer around.  I had lots of images of us competing, but I wanted really special images of us just being together.  This and four others have pride of place in our living room to this day.

Ozzy and I

Our Wedding Day

Mr Hubby and I had been together for seven years when we got married.  The day didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, but in the end everything was perfect really, as I married my best friend.  One of the things that didn’t go as planned was our photographer, all the pictures he took were totally rubbish, so the only ones we have are those taken by my sister-in-law.

Wedding Day

Baby’s first photoshoot

Mr Hubby and I tried for quite a long time to fall pregnant with Baby. We underwent many tests, cried lots (me not him) and had started to believe (I was utterly convinced) that being parents would never happen to us.  We had saved all year and booked our first IVF consultation, then I was late and didn’t want to believe it might be true, that I might be pregant.  So I tried to ignore it the best I could, not wanting to get my hopes up for them to be shattered again.  We went to the Olympics, which was amazing and the day before we had the cancel our IVF appointment and not be charged, I did a test and it was positive!  This scan is an internal scan at about 5-6 weeks!  I remember how petrified I was having this scan done, as I thought they wouldn’t be able to find a baby.  Then I remember how ecstatic I was when we were given this picture and we got to see her little heart flickering on the screen for the first time.


Baby and I meeting for the first time

Forgive my rather bedraggled appearance.  At this point I had been walking with crutches for 3 months, awake for 72 hours and had just gone through a 14 hour labour with 2 hours of pushing, so I was a little battered.  In the end Baby become distressed, as she got stuck, and the emergency button was pressed; the room filling with doctors and nurses.  I remember saying to Mr Hubby that I knew this would happen; even at this stage I thought it was going to end badly.  In the end I was given an episiotomy and she was delivered by forceps.  This picture captured the first time I held our much longed for daughter.


Just Baby

I just love this picture.  I longed to meet my baby girl for what felt like an eternity and when I look at this picture (taken when she was 6 weeks old) I just see perfection and happiness.

baby purple

Baby’s First Birthday Party

When you believe you will never be a mum, you imagine all the things you are going to miss out on, first steps, first smiles, birthdays and simple everyday moments.  Baby’s first birthday was a really special day for us.  I organised an Alice In Wonderland themed party for family and friends, which was perfect.

Baby's 1st birthday

Baby’s first pony ride

I never want to push Baby into doing anything she doesn’t want to do (apart from eating her vegetables!).  Riding has been a huge part of my life and I just hoped Baby would like it too.  She had a little walk on a Christmas Donkey when she was 9 months old, but this was the first proper pony Baby ever rode and was (as you can see from my face!) such a special moment for me.

Baby's 1st pony ride

My blogging besties

I have spoken many times about my love of blogging and of the wonderful friends I have made.  Blogging really has changed my life.  This photo was taken at BritMums Live this year and athough a couple of my closest friends are missing from this picture, I do love it so much.  These ladies really do mean the world to me.

blog friends bms


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