How to set achievable blogging goals

How to set achievable blogging goals

If you’re serious about blogging, then setting achievable blogging goals is very important. As bloggers we face an endless list of tasks that need doing each day. Plus often have so many ideas that we want to explore and maybe implement. Without goals you might find that you don’t feel as if you are moving forward and growing your blog.


Goals help you stay motivated and can drive you forward if you hit a bloggers slump! However, a problem may arise if you decide one of your goals is the hit 200k Pinterest followers in the next 6 months when your current followers are 500. You probably wouldn’t achieve this, which could then leave you feeling despondent and deflated. When the truth is that you didn’t fail, your goal was just unrealistic in the first place.



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There’s a lot more to achieving any goal than just having the goal. But it is a first step. You may wonder how some people seem so great at achieving their goals while other people aren’t so good at it. Part of the reason why some people fail is that they do not have a specific goal, one that’s clear and focused.


In addition, they do not have a schedule of action to actually work toward achieving the goal.

How to actually achieve your goals


1. Create clear, specific and achievable (with effort!) goals


Your goals must first be clear and very specific.They also must be possible. You want to challenge yourself a bit and set the goal high as this gives you a higher degree of motivation to achieve them. However, you must ensure that any goal you set is possible. Therefore, you will need to do a little research in order to set a goal. For instance, let’s say your ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds. Obviously, anyone who needs to lose 50 pounds and sets their mind to it can do so, but they can’t and shouldn’t do it in one month. So an unreasonable goal is ‘I want to lose 50 pounds in a month’. Instead, a more reasonable and doable goal is to state ‘I want to lose 50 pounds in 30 weeks.’ This is in line with health recommendations not to lose more than 2 pounds per wee and gives you a little cushion for plateaus and other issues. A great twist is to set Good, Better, Best goals. This means you set a range of results for each goal. You will get a little hit of dopamine when you achieve the Good result that you will be motivated to continue and strive for the Better or Best.


So for example, if you want to earn £500 launching a new product and that would break even with a bit of profit. The ‘Good’ goal is £500, the ‘Better’ could be £700 and the ‘Best’ is sort of your wildest dream result, maybe £1,000.


2. Each goal needs set actionable tasks


Any goal that you really want to meet needs to have the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ included with the ‘what’ of the goal. In the example above you want to lose 50 pounds in 30 weeks, which will be a little less than 2 pounds per week. You’ll need to look at your diet, compute the number of calories you should consume and the amount of exercise you need to see those results. Luckily, there are online calculators to help you work this out easily, but let’s say that you determine that if you consumed 1800 calories a day, and walked for 20 minutes each day, you would achieve your goal that you set within the time limit. So, now you need to include planning your meals and fitting in the exercise necessary to reach your goal. Thanks to your research, you know exactly what’s needed to be successful with the goal you set. You can see a clear path to success just by going further and adding these actionable tasks: * Eat 1800 calories a day * Walk fast for 20 minutes per day. Seeing that in black and white you can see that it’s very doable and achievable.


3. Schedule everything


Do not leave anything to chance. Instead, schedule in the work necessary to reach your goals into your calendar. Writing a list isn’t good enough – you need to schedule in everything so that you don’t miss a single day due to losing track of your schedule. Carrying on with our weight loss example, you’ll need time to eat healthier, which requires more chopping and cooking. You’ll also need time to fit in the exercise, which is going to really take more than 20 minutes due to prep time and recovery time. You need to be realistic about how long each thing will take and schedule them into your day properly.




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4. Take action


No goal will ever be achieved if regular action isn’t taken each day. Each morning, look at your calendar and follow through on the plans that you’ve made and the criteria you’ve set for yourself to get things done. All you have to do is the minimum necessary each day to reach your goal. When you get through each day having done the minimum, you’re a success – each and every single day. There’s nothing else that can be the result of daily action other than success when you think of it this way.


5. Repeat


Finally, you’ll need to repeat these steps every single day. When you make very specific and clear goals with very specific steps to achieving the goal, based on reality, you will soon discover the secret to success that seems to escape so many people. The real secret is in the doing. It’s like going on a long walk – if you take one step at a time, moving in the direction of the map that you’ve planned out for yourself, you will get to the end and you will be successful. Reaching your goals is just a matter of setting reasonable and realistic goals, and then setting up a schedule of actionable tasks and steps that bring about the end result you want. You can start today to achieve your goals.



You can further help your goal setting if you also;


  • Evaluate your current point.  In order to grow, you need to know what your starting point is. That way you can check back and evaluate how far you have progressed.


  • Establish where you want your blog to go. Is your ultimate goal (long-term) to be a pro blogger? Write a book? Or start writing in other places?  Having your ultimate goal in mind will help you figure out which short-term goals will be useful in getting you to this end point.


Let’s get to work setting your achievable blogging goals


Grab a piece of paper and brain dump everything you want to achieve in life, blog and everything else.

Choose your Outcome Goals


Next, you’re going to highlight the projects you want to achieve in the next 12 months. These should be your large goals. They won’t be your ultimate super long-term ones, just focus on the next 12 months. I don’t want to be too prescriptive on how many you choose, but aim for roughly 7-10.


Did you know you’re 42% (Matthews) more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down regularly. I know, 42%!


Life often takes over and so our outcome goals need to be kept somewhere prominent. This will mean we will see them every day and they’ll become lodged in our consciousness.


If we believe something will happen or that we will achieve something, it’s MUCH more likely to happen, because we MAKE it so. Also because we focus our efforts on those goals primarily, we are less likely to get side-tracked.


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Here’s the plot twist!


We aren’t going to focus on our entire year. Instead, we’re going to divide all of your annual goals into 90-day cycles. Breaking your year down into 90-day cycles makes so much more sense for a few reasons.


Psychologically, it’s hard for us to work for some- thing which our brain considers too far into the future. Todd Herman found that 90 days ahead is the magical horizon, past which our mind switches off a little. Goals within a 90-day window are seen as goals which can impact our ‘today’ and therefore, are readily achieved.


You should defiantly have a long-term vision, but this isn’t something tangible that you are working on directly right now. Your efforts should be focused on developing skills that will have the most impact on your business.


90-day goals are far less overwhelming than standard annual goals. They also allow you to be more agile and can change your course if necessary. Your motivation will be higher and so you will be more focused and productive. You can set goals for later in the year depending on your year so far.


Analyse each outcome goal. When will you make this happen? Also, add in your financial expectations for each. Don’t be shy, it’s important to com- mit to a figure, as this will mean you are more likely to achieve it. Without committing to a number we’re just going with the flow and leaving it up to chance and fate, which is no way to run a business.


The next step is to assign your key outcome goals to points on your yearly calendar. For example, I want to run four free challenges during the year, it would make sense for me to put one free challenge in each 90-day cycle. Allocate all of your goals in this way and write them on your calendar where it makes sense for them to be.


Only focusing on your first 90-day cycle. Work backwards from each outcome goal and add in your smaller milestone goals (performance goals) at appropriate times, which will lead you to success and achievement of your main outcome goals.


Need an example? If one of my outcome goals was to sell 50 spots on a course. The performance goals could be;


• Finish creating the course
• Grow my email list so I can reach more people.
• Advertise the course on FB.
• Use social media to create interest.
• Open sign-ups.


I would then take each one of these goals and break them into the smallest actions they can be. Resulting in our process goals. These are the things you put on your to-do list.


How else can you stack the odds in your favour when it comes to goal achievement? One great trick is to reward yourself for your achievements. Treat yourself to something you want when you achieve one of your goals. These rewards will help you stay focused and motivated. You could even tie the reward to the goal. So, for example, if your goal was photography based, then the reward could be something new for your camera.


Finding a small group of like-minded people, within which you can share your goals can help immeasurably. You can all hold each other accountable and help each other make progress on your goals.


To give yourself maximum chance of success you need to review your goals frequently. Know your goals well and revisit them regularly. Even if it’s just a little check in to see how you’re getting on. This will re-motivate and refocus you, also giving you an reminder of the work still to do.


Sometimes achieving our goals takes a mindset shift too. Who will you need to become to achieve your goals? If your goals are a little hairy-scary and they’re going to take lots of networking for example, you’ll need to be a confident person who can engage others. Are you? If not, you need to become that person if you’re to succeed.


This might seems more complicated than traditional goal setting. However, ask yourself, how many times has traditional long-term goal setting failed you? I’m guessing a few times. Setting goals this way might take a little longer to start with, but you will have a huge amount of focus, you will always be working on things that will have a positive impact on your outcome goals and you will eventually have more precious family time.


Decide on your 7-12 outcome goals for the next year. Divide these into quarters, depending on what fits best where in your year. Then break these goals down into sub-goals and then the smallest tasks that go on your to-do list. Oh and actually put them on your to-do list!



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How to make sure you achieve your goals


  • Don’t focus on too many goals at once – If you try to achieve everything all at once, you will soon become overwhelmed and probably not achieve very much.
  • Believe you can achieve – You have heard the saying, ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one else will’, well the same goes for goals. You have to believe you can do it, in order to achieve.  There is great power in positive thinking.
  • Commit them to paper – Writing down your goals makes them much more concrete, and the more concrete they are the more chance you have of achieving them.
  • Reward your achievements – Treat yourself when you achieve one of your goals.  Rewards will help you stay focused and motivated.  You could always tie the reward to the goal. If your goals was photography orientated, then the reward could be something new for your camera, for example.
  • Find a tribe to make you accountable – Finding a small group of like-minded people, within which you can share your goals can help. You can all hold each other accountable and help each other achieve your goals. Think about sharing expertise to help each other.
  • Review frequently – Know your goals well and revisit them regularly, even if it is just a little check in to see how you are getting on.  This will re-motivate and refocus you, also giving you an idea of the work still to do.


To help you with your short-term goals I have created a goal setting planner which you can get your hands on here.




If you want to join my mailing list and get access to my epic Blogger’s Resource vault of cheatsheets and downloads (INCLUDING GOAL SETTING KIT) as a welcome gift, you can do that here.


Have you set yourself achievable blogging goals?  If not will you be tempted now? What goal can you set for yourself today? What tips do you have to make sure you achieve your goals?


Do you set goals that are either too easy or too hard? How to set achievable blogging goals

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  1. Absolutely amazing tips hunk-especially like disclosing goals to your blog tribe and keeping each other accountable. I love the way of looking at it in smaller chunks rather than being overwhelmed by the end goal. This post will be useful to bloggers or even non-bloggers with a goal in mind. Thank you for sharing xxx

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  3. These are fabulous tips. I’ve currently drafting my goals for next month, and I’m definitely going to use your SMART goals as a guide. Thank you for sharing this, Aby. This is an absolute gem for still novice bloggers such as myself, and the other seasoned ones as well. #sharewithme

  4. I like setting goals for myself I find it keeps me motivated. Your tips will definitely help me with this. In the past I have never given myself a deadline and sometimes I find myself straying a little, so I think a deadline would really help keep me on track. Thanks for the planner, that will really help me! #sharewithme
    Debbie (My Random Musings)

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  5. Fantastic tips. I have recently written some blogging goals, I used to use SMART at work and it is so useful. Although I am still not sure of where I want my blog to go.
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  7. Really useful this Aby! I’m not really one to set goals but you make some brilliant points here that I’ll be taking with me. Thank you 🙂 X

  8. Completely love this – I’m a big goal setter and set goals each month that I break down into weekly tasks and then review at month end before moving forward. Love your weekly goals printable – thanks for making and sharing it! #TheList xx

  9. Brilliant list od tips here Aby, thanks so much, I’ll Defo be printing out the planner at work today! Funnily enough I have a post in drafts about SMART goals for my eldest daughter xx

  10. I think that weekly goals would be too optimistic for me but monthly ones far more so. I never wanted to be a pro-blogger but I originally wanted to write elsewhere and although I’ve one or two writing assignments and have been accepted onto the HuffPost as a parent blogger, an absence of goals makes this fairly unsuccessful. I’ve only ever posted 3 times on there! This is a very thought-provoking post Aby, thank you. x

  11. Love SMART goals. I’m usually talking about them in terms of fitness goals, but they can be applied to anything as you’ve shown. I need to practice what I preach and start to apply SMART goal setting to my blog. I’ve been sporadic with it in the past, but I’m more serious about it now and finding myself flitting around here, there and everywhere at the moment! 🙂 x

  12. Great advice as ever Aby! Wow, I haven’t used SMART since I left work for maternity leave!! It pains me to say it, but yes, engaging marketing theory for our blogs is very important if we want to achieve our blogging goals – it’s clearly worked very well for you x

  13. I definitely think goals or some kind of targets help keep me discplined as well as breaking it down into smaller, manageable tasks. That’s how I’ve started working on our home renovations otherwise I just sit there and despair because it’s all too overwhelming X

  14. AH the good old SMART goals. They are useful, but they still remind me of HR appraisals at work so I feel slightly allergic to them! They work though, and have stood the test of time.

  15. Great tips as always Aby. This is the first month that I’ve set myself some definite blogging goals and it’s been great for helping keep me focused. Thanks for sharing your advice.

  16. Hitting the nail bang on the head again there Aby I need to write my goals down some are in my head but I do feel a bit like a mad thing running round xx

  17. Loving support from tribes. Setting a few goals at a time across different social media platforms has certainly helped me focus and attain a greater overall result with an audience not just numbers

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  18. Goal setting is a great way to achieve anything, being ablle to measur how far you have come/gone really helps get where you want.

  19. Oh yes Aby you have to make those goals SMART! I think whatever reason you’re blogging for it’s useful to have a few goals even just for your own personal satisfaction. A lot of it comes down to self-belief – we put so much of ourselves in to our blogs. Sometimes the old self-belief takes a nosedive but if we can see how well we’re doing really against our own goals, we can give ourselves a pat on the back xxx #TheList

  20. Some more very useful tips, I shou definitely put them into practice. My goals are often a bit wishy-washy and sit around for ages without me doing anything about them! I’ve been planning to redesign my blog header since Christmas! Basically all my blogging time at the moment is spent writing posts, editing photos and joining linkies, and I still don’t have enough time just for those things. #TheList

  21. As always full of information and teaching us all things darling. It was lovely to see you at Blogtacular. Love the new hair you look fabulous. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

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  22. Such a good idea – I do have blogging goals but I need to actually set them out and be less haphazard! Mim x #thelist

  23. Oh Aby, this post is fab! I’m not very good at setting goals, but I do have vague idea of where I want my blog to be by the time I reach my one year blog anniversary in December / January.

    I had also completely forgotten about SMART – the last time I used it was before I went on maternity leave 4 years ago.

    I think while everyone is enjoying themselves at Britmums Live this weekend (sob sob) I will be spending some time using SMART and getting my goals down on paper. Xxx

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      Thanks so much! Glad you like it. If you want to ask anything or get us to do a challenge for you at Britmums, just tweet #notatbml 🙂 xxx

  24. I love good old SMART targets!
    For me, my blogging targets are just “manage to get some blogging fitted in between work and spending quality time with my family”!!
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

  25. Great advice. I love using that SMART technique. Was just wondering how I could somehow get a tribe together, I don’t personally know anyone that blogs but would love to share my experiences with someone so I can be made more accountable for my goals and actually maintaining them!

  26. Wonderful advice. I am trying to improve right now and my first goal is to make my blog look more presentable and to have pinable images for Pinterest. My goal right now is to go through 5 or 6 “ever-green” posts per day until it looks nicer. I saw on one of your recent videos that you recommended Canva and I have been having SO much fun. I really appreciate your sharing, posts and videos!

  27. I’ve been doing this for 8 weeks now and I am so overwhelmed. I don’t know what I should do first, second, or third. I can’t prioritize all the things that need to be done. Reading this has kinda put things into achievable goals (whatever they are). It has given me a different perspective. Thanks Aby!

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